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Kushal is a partnership project between CREDAI Pune Metro and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). This programme was conceived to improve the skills of the construction workforce in India. To put it simply, the aim of this programme is to upgrade the skills of 100,000 construction workers in the next 10 years time period. Launched in June 2011, this programme has been a pioneer in creating a unique on-the-job skill-training programme for the construction workers.

Kushal is changing the face of training and skill building for construction workers in India. In less than 2 years Kushal has developed a unique and successful model that helps construction workers to learn while they earn. The absence of proper training programmes has kept the construction worker from progressing in his field and the lack of a defined career path has thwarted his aspirations.  The Kushal training programme help construction workers learn technical skills faster and that in turn help them progress faster, increasing their income level at the same time. 
This programme has done wonders for the construction industry. The construction workers have earned skills that have helped then progress faster and earn better. Contractors who have a skilled workforce can produce more with less. Developers now have construction sites where wastage is minimal, construction quality is high and customers are content.
Within a short span of time Kushal has received wide acclaim. This programme has already received prestigious national as well as international recognition
  • The “UK India Skill Forum Award”, under the Best Skills Provider – Government Funded category at the FICCI Annual Global Skills Summit, Sep 2011, New Delhi
  • “CIDC Vishwakarma Award” - Achievement Award for Construction Skills Development, June 2012, New Delhi
  • ‘Construction Week India Awards’  - First runner up in the ‘Excellence in CSR Award’, Sep 2012, Mumbai



“Kushal certification will go a long way in ensuring two things: one, increase in the wages of the construction workers and in their standard of living, and two, increase in the overall quality of construction work…”
Lalit Jain, President, CREDAI National
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